About Mobile ATM

About Mobile ATM


Apart from cities in US, there are remote places where wired connections are not available. At these places wireless is the only option and works very efficiently.To reach to this untapped potential market it is very crucial for the banking sector to survive and grow into the tough competition.


Before the wireless ATMs came the older one were connected by the landline and the rent had to be paid to the carrier. As there were advancements and now ATMs are operated with the modems which can be carried with them. If we compare the cost of the wired and the wireless. The wireless costs you almost half of the amount, this is for just one machine. If you are having plenty of them calculate the amount that you can save. No installation costs and no extra cost even if you move the machine. You have pay monthly just like your cellphone bill.


The installation of the machine is too quick compared to the other one. If a bank decides suddenly to come up with a new branch and they want to attract the people they can use this option. For the older one you may have to request for the installation then they will give an appointment, etc. No need for all this. Ideally wireless modem needs 10-15 minutes for the installation as they are already programmed.


Due to the progress in the wireless technology the data transfer has become faster than never before (4G). The towers that have come up for the communication in the cellular sector has been of a great importance. Earlier these mobile ATMs got a interference due cellphones at crowded places like events, exhibitions, etc. But now they can as fast as possible with no faults even at crowded places. You can move it anywhere at anytime.

Security Concern

The connection is secured very well with the SSL(Secured Sockets Layer) which uses the encryptions (protocol) while transferring data from modem to the server. The chance of hacking and breach od security is very less. All modems come with the SSL programming by default.


There are service providers who give 24*7 service (overnight) with almost no failure of the service which we usually know as the uptime, higher the uptime best is the service.
In London 2-3 years back all wired connections were down so people were not not able to use credit card, debit card and not even able to withdraw the money. All this hell broke on Saturday. The mobile ATM solutions you can rely fully with less as much as 0.01% of chance of error.


When you hire a mobile ATM machines you don’t have to be worried as the machine comes with a full insurance cover by the ATM services provider, you will always be safe.

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