Credit Cards Cause Global Warming

Credit Cards Cause Global Warming

We are, in fact, steadily heating up our “home” Centigrade by Centigrade, Fahrenheit by Fahrenheit. So, when the tipping point comes, it will literally go up in flames… and our earth would become an inhabitable mass of dust and rocks.

The primary reason for being roasted alive, slowly but surely, is our excessive use of the natural resources. Millions of tons of coal, oil and minerals are devoured year after year to meet our insatiable demand for energy and countless goods and merchandise.

To a large extent, credit cards are responsible for this relentless march of the human race towards its own extinction.

No, the problem is not the raw material that goes into the making of a credit card. Rather, it is the unbridled consumerism generated by this innocuous looking piece of plastic.

When we have limited money to spend, our wasteful tendencies get automatically restricted.

However, credit cards have the magical power to multiply money. By making available to us, our many years of future income, it puts a colossal amount of purchasing power in our hand. This, naturally, stimulates and incites unrestrained consumption.

Consumption by itself is not bad. However, this practically unlimited money-power begets over-consumption. In fact, human “needs” are finite. You can eat only so much; you need just one house to live; you can’t drive more than one car at a time or talk on multiple phones; and so on. As such, a vast amount of this over-consumption actually ends up as “utter waste”. Just look around and you will find millions of bloating tummies, hundreds of unused items lying scattered around in our homes, no parking space for our cars, etc.

Our planet does not have the capacity to handle such mammoth amount of waste that is being generated in such a short interval of time. As a result we have global warming, ozone layer depletion, polluted rivers and many such ways of environmental destruction.

I wonder if our earth will survive this credit card crisis.

By the way, even before this impending “collective annihilation” becomes a reality, credit cards have devastated many individual lives. And this damage is not just limited to their finances. Health, relationships, marriage, mental peace, all have suffered immense harm.

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