Crisis Loan

Crisis Loan

Anyone can apply for help, however some of the Loans and Grants (Community Care Grants and Budgeting Loans) that are available are only for those who are claiming income related or means tested benefits like Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support or Employment Support Allowance, and who have been claiming these benefits without any breaks for 26 weeks or more.

Crisis Loans are available to anyone who resides in the UK and who has found themselves without income, and without any way to provide form themselves or their family. You can apply for a Crisis loan even if you are working, however you will need to demonstrate that you have no other way of meeting your immediate need, this may include asking for a salary advance or Loan from the Bank.

There are two ways to apply for a Crisis Loan, you can either make a paper application using a SF510 form that is issued by the Department of Work and Pensions and can be collected at your local Job Centre or you can make a telephone application.

A paper application usually takes two weeks to be processed, and is generally recommended if you are applying form help with rent in advance to move to a new property within 3 weeks.

A telephone application can be made on the day of the crisis, and generally takes around 45 minutes. To make a telephone application you need to call a free phone number ( 0800 number that is free from most mobiles) and you will speak to a decision maker who will take the details of your application and complete a form on your behalf. after all of the information relating to your Crisis is taken, you ill be put on hold for up to 5 minutes whilst the decision maker looks at all of the information that you have supplied and also seek to verify anything that they can ( for example your next payday, or amounts paid etc)

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