Estimate Your Credit Score

Estimate Your Credit Score

Even if your bills are paid on time, there could be several other things that could impact your credit score and reports. The truth is that your scores cannot be estimated by any kind of software where you can input some data and it tells you the score. Well, at least such software is not available for general public in the market.

The easiest way to find out your score would be to utilize certain specialist services that will not only provide you with instant credit score number, but will provide several other value added services that can benefit a person in the long run. These services fetch credit information from different credit Bureaus and present it to you in a structured way. Of course, there is a fee associated with their service.

However, not every service is reliable and accurate. In fact, there are many services on the Internet that claim to provide you with free score and then start charging your credit card without your approval. This results in a lot of confusion and frustration for people. These frustrated customers will then have to spend their valuable time trying to do charge-backs and get their money back. Having said that, not all companies that claim to provide a free score are actually fraud. There are quite a few good ones out there, but little difficult to identify.

There are few companies that can provide you credit reports and scores from all three credit Bureaus and few other helpful services. Legitimate companies generally provide you a risk free trial period where you can cancel the trial without getting charged (i.e., if you are not satisfied with the service).

A definite way to find a good company that could instantly tell you the credit score estimate will be to check with any reliable sources (like friends and relatives) who may have already used such services. To avoid risk, its suggested to register with companies that can provide a free trial. Another option would be get your annual credit report, but the downside is that it gets generated only once in a year. So, it may not have the most recent information.

For certain people, not being aware of their credit score estimate would mean that they do not precisely know what actions they can take to improve their score. The best bet for such individuals is to use a reliable paid service that can provide them with accurate credit score information and help with consistent credit monitoring. However, being able to choose the right service is a real challenge.

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