Maximizing Credit Card Rewards

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards

When you think of maximizing you should think of getting the best out of something. Maximizing credit cards means receiving the best reward for your spent money. This usually means choosing more than one type of card and sometimes more than just one issuer. Some types of credit cards offer rewords and money-back on purchases only if you buy a certain type of product with them; for example gas cards will only offer a bonus program for gas purchases and no reward on supermarket purchases. In order to maximize your credit card rewards you will also need a card that offers rewards on supermarket or store purchases.

Another very important thing to do in order to bring rewards to a maximum is carefully read the fine print about the credit card before you sign any deal. Many credit cards offer a 0% intro APR for 6 months or a 0% interest rate for an entire year; still do not let yourself beguiled, keep reading and see what happens after that promotional period of time. You may also want to check the annual fee policy and only choose a credit card with no annual maintenance fee – there are many types available form all large issuers. Anther thing to look out for is the “limit condition” as there are cards that only actually offer rewards after you have passed over a certain minimum limit of expenditures and other cards that stop offering rewards once you surpass the limit. Thus, read carefully the flyer and only after that choose a card suited for your needs.

After you actually have the card and you start spending, make sure you spend wisely. If, for example, the card only offers rewards when shopping in a certain type of store, go there and buy what you need form that place. Pay attention to the policy on your gas card as there are gas credit cards that only offer rewards when paying for gas purchase at a gas station belonging to a particular chain. None the less, before making any spending decision you need to think if you have enough credit to pay for the card line at the end of the month. You may win some cash-back bonus or a plane ticket, but this will be of no use if you will be in dept and unable to pay your credit card bills.

Maximizing credit card rewards can be achieved by anyone who thinks twice before getting the card and spending the money. It may sound complicated and difficult at first, but once you learn the trick it will become a habit and you will see that you can spend money from a credit card and win some back at the same time. Be careful with what the card offers and what the conditions are for you to be given your reward; choose separate cards for separate kinds of expenditures; spend money in the places where the issuer recommends – if you can manage with all these you are on the right track to getting the most out of your credit card reward program.

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