Painless Ways to Save Cash

Painless Ways to Save Cash

Price Matching

Download an app for your phone so that you can always quickly compare prices at the stores than ask the store to match it. Many of the stores are now offering price matching even if you can purchase the item online.

Brown Bagging

Brown bag your lunch at least once a week, and then at night skip one night eating out to spend less. You will not only save calories but you will also not spend extra for it.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Turning down the heat when you’re not home will save you money. You can set it to turn the heat back up right before you come home and you will never know that you saved money by doing this. Why keep a house warm, or cold if no one is there to enjoy it.

Light Bulbs

Change all the light bulbs to the newer energy saving bulbs. You will still get the same amount of lighting but at a lower cost. This will cut back your electric bill.

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