Spend Money and Enjoy Life

Spend Money and Enjoy Life

A certain woman was always worried about money. Although she and her husband lived a fairly comfortable life, she felt that most of the expenses he wanted to make were extravagances beyond their necessities. When he wanted to go out for dinner, she made some excuse that they could eat more cheaply at home. If he suggested taking the family out for ice cream, she would protest that it would cost too much money. If he made the request that they attend an entertainment event or even a movie, she said that they could stay home and watch television without spending extra money. Hence, life was not particularly enjoyable. Then he died suddenly, and she regretted that she had not agreed to go out when he made the suggestions. He was no longer there so that they could do any fun things together.

During World War II when Japanese Americans were incarcerated in hastily constructed camps in remote and desolate areas of the country, they had lost most of their possessions. Their bank accounts were frozen, and money was scarce. There was not a lot in the camps on which to spend money, but some people spent a little of the small amount of money they had to order items from the Sears Roebuck catalog to try and make them feel better in their dire situation. It was a morale booster during desperate times.

It is not necessary to spend money excessively and to be unwise in expenditures. However, it is possible to budget some fun activities into one’s life. Spending money is not a bad thing if it helps a person to enjoy life and have a healthy perspective. Waiting for retirement to enjoy life is not smart.

If the good health a person experiences suddenly becomes a thing of the past due to an accident or unexpected illness, the chance for spending a little money to enjoy the pleasures of life may be gone.

Remember that you may be helping someone else when you do spend money. It is bringing income and employment to another person. It is providing the means whereby someone else may be able to enjoy life as well.

Saving a portion of one’s income is a good thing, and it is healthy to have a nest egg set aside for any emergency which may arise. Being wise in spending and using a budget may help people to manage their money to allow for some of the better things in life. Perhaps it would take earning some extra money to feel comfortable enough to spend on supposed luxuries. This can be done in a variety of ways such as with a home based business, selling things a person does not need, or working a part-time job.

Life goes by too quickly to let it be drudgery without some fun mixed in to the daily grind. It is said that a person who enjoys his work does not really have to work because it is a pleasure to spend time doing what he does. Using one’s resources wisely is an important aspect of a good life.

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