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Everyone that owns a computer or smartphone uses the software. It is a set of instructions, programs, or data that is used to give and executive commands on the computer. This is what enables the user to perform a specific task and as well operate the computer. The software can either be system software such as the operating system or application software such as Microsoft office.

Before you can buy any software, there are some guiding principles you need to get a reliable one, and they are:

1.Know what you want

This rule should guide any purchase you want to make generally. Do you want software for typing? Then you go for the options in that category. Do you want a music player software or a video player? You have to know the type of software you want. It will help you to be specific in what you want; that way, when you go online to search for software and see related software that differs in part to what you want, you can easily ignore and streamline your search.


Reliability is essential, and this you can get from reviews. Some software programs are not well designed, and while they tend to produce what you want, they offer difficulties that hamper the seamless use of such software. Reliability is one thing to consider critically.

3.Read reviews and check ratings

Reading reviews have been a great source of information about software. When you read reviews about software, you will get information not just about what the software is all about, but also about how well the software works, the right part of the software, and the wrong part. This way, you can make an informed decision on the software you want to purchase. Checking ratings, too, is good. The average rating as per the number of users is shown, which will help you know how comfortable it is to use for the users.

4.Free software

There is a lot of free software available out there. A lot of free software offer the necessary basic service, but if you want to use the full feature, you need to purchase the complete package. Some of these free software works only for a limited number of times, after which you are expected to subscribe. Your failure to pay may mean that it will start giving you a problem or sometimes save and accumulate unnecessary files that can end up making your device not to work correctly. The best is to purchase your software before it starts giving you trouble. This you might see in the review too.

5.Ads and pop-ups

Ads and pop-ups show on a lot of software these days, one way to know is through reviews, and another way is to check for a premium or pro software. These often do not come with annoying ads and pop-ups. This will not be an issue for you if you do not worry about this.

How to get a free debit card

How to get a free debit card

Bank cards are very important as they make it portable for us to move around with money. The implication is that if you have a million dollars in your card and you have a card, your one million dollars is with you as good as in cash but with little variations. You can easily pay for goods with the bank card as you would with money in most stores across the world. If you need access to physical cash, you can visit any ATM close to you and withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are in. The implication is that you won’t even have to start looking for where to convert the money to the right currency before you can spend it considering you can only spend local currencies to buy goods and services in most countries of the world.

There are two major types of cards available. There is the debit card and there is the credit card. The debit card means you can only spend the money you have in your account. The instant your account goes to zero or the minimum amount your issuer expects you to leave in the account, you stop spending till you refund. Credit cards, on the other hand, allow you to continue to make purchases until you reach a particular loan limit. Thus, for a credit card, it is just like you have already been pre-given some loan you do not have to use. If you ever need it, it is there and if you never need it, you don’t have to touch it. This is considering that credit card makes it easier for you to get indebted since you might sometimes mistakenly spend beyond what you have in your account without knowing. With a debit card, however, that can never happen as you would have to manually apply for any loan before you can spend a dime beyond what you have in your account.

A lot of banks give debit cards, some at a particular price and others for free. For example, Transferwise gives debit cards for free. Thus, we would use the company as an example of how you can get free debit cards. To get a free debit card from Transferwise, you would have to first open an account with the banking platform. Opening an account with the platform can be carried out online as all you have to do is install the app of the platform on your phone and follow the process on the app to open an account. Once you open the account, you would be able to apply for a free debit card. Within a few days, your application will be processed, and the debit card will be shipped to your location. Transferwise debit card is a mainly borderless debit card, which makes them more interesting to use in any country. As opposed to normal debit cards where conversion rates in other countries could make you lose money and probably lead to extra charges, with Transferwise, your withdrawal will be carried out with the normal exchange rate and without currency conversion charges.

Protect Family From Debt Liability

Protect Family From Debt Liability

Home loan companies have teamed up with life insurance or general insurance players to help mitigate the financial liabilities you owe them, in your absence.

A premium will be paid by you considering your loan amount, tenure and age. You can pay it as a lump sum amount or as installments clubbed along with your EMI (stands for Equated Monthly Installment). This arrangement goes with the expectation that the insurance company will repay the outstanding loan in case of an unfortunate incident like death or permanent disability etc. This ensures that the family or dependents of the deceased are not left with the liability to repay the loan.

The home loan players will do all necessary arrangements to add a shield to your loan and hand you the insurance forms. Although the insurance company asks for a one-time payment of the premium, the home loan company gives the customer an option to pay premium along with the EMI. However, this option will be slightly more expensive as you will have to pay the home loan company, the interest on the premium as well, since they have included it in your overall loan. The premium in that case, is added as monthly installments to your EMI, taking into consideration the FOIR and LTV.

A home loan protection plan is similar to a term insurance policy, except that the insurance cover is for the period of the loan and also will be equivalent to the outstanding loan amount at any given time during the loan tenure.

To claim insurance, you have to hand over the death or medical certificate to the insurance company and they will make the payments directly to the bank. If the policy is not on a reducing balance principal, the claims will be paid to the nominee of the borrower.

Many insurers have exclusions as well, which needs to be checked at the time of application. For example, if the cause of death is suicide or within a year or 45 days of the commencement of the policy, generally insurers won’t pay. However, accidental deaths will be considered in most cases.

You will be entitled to tax deductions under Section 80 C for HLPP (stands for Home Loan Shield Protection Plan) premium payments. However, if it is clubbed with your EMI, you still get the tax benefit applying the same logic of any home loan repayment, considering the premium amount under your interest portion. So whether you pay the premium at one go or along with your home loan, you will get the tax benefits.

Reverse Mortgage Fees and Costs

Reverse Mortgage Fees and Costs

There are a few reverse mortgage fees that borrowers should understand prior to pursuing a loan. These fees include the:

Origination Fee: The origination fee is charged by the lender to cover the costs of supplying the loan. Lenders can charge up to 2% for the first $200,000 of the home’s value and 1% of any amount over $200,000. The entire origination fee can equal no more than $6,000.

Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP): An upfront mortgage insurance premium of 2% or 0.01% will be charged depending on whether a borrower chooses the HECM Standard or HECM Saver. Borrowers will also be charged an annual MIP equal to 1.25% of the loan balance.

Appraisal Fee: An appraisal is required to determine the value of a borrower’s home. In addition to paying for an appraisal, borrowers will be required to pay a survey fee. This covers the cost of having a professional confirm the property’s boundaries.

Counseling: Before applying for a loan, seniors are required to attend one HUD-approved counseling session. This session can cost up to $125.

Loan Servicing Fees: Seniors who choose to receive their loan proceeds as a line of credit or in monthly installments will be required to pay monthly servicing fees. These fees typically cost between $30 and $35 and are financed into the loan.

Closing Costs: There are a number of closing costs that borrowers will be required to pay in order to close their loan. Some of these fees include the document preparation fee, courier fee, and a closing fee charged by the title company. Borrowers might also pay for a title search, title examination, and title insurance. These fees cover the cost of searching county records, reviewing the title, and insuring the lender against losses due to defects in the title.

Changes in the Mortgage Industry

Changes in the Mortgage Industry

As housing prices are starting to gain traction, we still have progress that needs to be made. Right now the big influence on pricing is still location. Markets that have fewer foreclosures, smaller inventories at the banks and low unemployment are see growth in this area. As more of America goes back to work the positive impact will continue to be felt. When people feel more confident, they start spending money. When you combined this with affordable mortgages this contributes to the housing recovery our economy needs.

After dealing with the banking market issues, our industry is certain to have new regulatory controls put in place. Right now those issues are still up in the air. We can expect the Dodd-Frank legislation to have a direct impact on the mortgage industry. Issues may include accountability from both the buyer and the seller, the definition of a qualified mortgage and conflict of interest of various parties.

Looking at the issues the mortgage industry has seen, you can be certain the market is I for major changes. You can expect better technology that’s makes qualifying a loan easier and the loans that are qualified are better loans. As new regulations are put in place we will see more education to our industry, better informed lenders originate better loans.

Moving forward we will see new players emerge in the mortgage sector. This creates competition in the market allowing customer’s flexibility. As new technology emerges, originators will have better access to different programs. This gives the ability to build a loan specific for the needs of the consumer. Improved technology will create a higher level of service and a more accurate package to be assembled.

Beware of Falling Minimum Payments

Beware of Falling Minimum Payments

More and more credit card companies are moving to requiring a minimum payment of 2% of your total outstanding balance. Consumer Action, a consumer advocacy group out of San Francisco, found that the number of card companies with a 2% minimum payment reached 53%, up from 43% just a year ago.

Some creditors have even gone so far as to call this a “consumer friendly” move claiming it will assist consumers faced with today’s economic woes. In reality, a lower minimum payment causes you to take longer to pay off your debt to the creditor while winding up paying them more money in interest payments.

For example, let’s say you have a credit card debt of $2500.00 @18% annual percentage rate (APR). Your monthly minimum payment based on a 2.5% pay back rate would be $62.50 per month. Oh and by the way, here’s what the credit card company really doesn’t want you to know – it will take you 20 YEARS to pay off your $2500.00 balance paying the minimum monthly due. And you will have paid the credit card company $3,365.51 in interest!

Now lets look at the same example using the rate of 2% minimum monthly payment. Your monthly payment drops to just $50.00 a month. You might be tempted to think “wow, I’ve got an extra $12.50 a month to play with, yippeee!”. Not so fast! That lower minimum payment now means it will take you 34.5 YEARS to pay off your balance of $2500.00 and you’ll wind up paying $6,430.93 in interest!

Consumer Action also reports that many credit card companies are imposing higher late payment fees and “more than a third of card issuers said they will raise existing cardholders’ rates because of poor credit histories — with other creditors — even if the consumer has made regular, timely payments with that issuer”.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Calculators

Refinancing your Mortgage. It should be a standard operating procedure to conduct a mortgage health check every five years. There’s a pretty good chance that a more comprehensive and less costly mortgage deal will be available in the market. Using refinance mortgage calculators, you’ll be able to get an estimate of how much you will be able to save when you refinance your existing mortgage.

Get the help and advice of non-banking institutions. Popular non-bank lenders are known for their desire for a bigger market share and lower overheads. Those are some of the reasons why they can offer customers like you interest rates that are significantly lower compared to the variable interest rates offered by standard banks.

Say no to Honeymoon Loans. Honeymoon loans are one of the most popular loan types because they come with low introductory rates. But once the honeymoon rate expires, your interest rates could jump higher than the standard variable rates.

Consolidate your Debts. Repaying your other debts like car loan, credit card debts, personal loan and store credit repayments can choke your family budget, especially when also have a mortgage obligation. One way to lower your expenses would be to consolidate your all your other debts into your mortgage and see how you can cut your monthly repayments in half. Your mortgage’s interest rate will then apply to your other unsecured debts. You may use a debt consolidation mortgage calculator to figure out how you will be able to cut your costs after your debts have all been consolidated.

Instead of the usual monthly payments, make fortnightly payments. Rather than the usual payment mode, you can instead make fortnightly payments. After a year, you’ll be able to make 26 payments instead of the usual 24. With the added payments, you can reduce your loan’s term and save on interest costs.

Try to renegotiate your mortgage. If you find it difficult to manage your mortgage obligations, you should go talk to your mortgage lender and ask if you can renegotiate the terms of your mortgage. Ask them if they can give you a cut in interest rate or provide you with an extension of your mortgage term so as to reduce your monthly repayments. Remember that your lender would rather cooperate with you and get their money back instead of allowing you to default.

Avoid Foreclosure Consequences

Avoid Foreclosure Consequences

Contact your lender

One of the first steps in successfully avoiding foreclosure is to call your lender. They may have loss mitigation options that they can discuss with you. Keep in mind that lenders are not in the business of owning real estate and it is in their best interest to come up with ways to help you keep your home including loan modification if necessary.

Understand your rights

Consumers often do not understand their rights when it comes to foreclosure. In addition to the written notification of foreclosure, consumers can and should, ask for their original loan documents if they do not have a copy of them. This will help a homeowner better determine what loss mitigation options might be available to them. Lenders are required by law to provide these documents if they are requested.

Create a profit and loss statement

When you are interested in discussing a potential loan modification with your lender, make sure that you gather the necessary documents. These will often include your most recent pay stubs, proof of other income as well as a complete list of all assets and liabilities. Create your profit and loss statement so that you can discuss potential options with your lender to avoid foreclosure.

When lenders are not cooperating

In some cases, the collections department of your mortgage company may not be willing to negotiate with you or, you may feel they are not negotiating in good faith. If this appears to be the case, it may be a good idea to contact a reputable loan modification attorney to assist you. Not only can they assist you in obtaining documents from your lender, but they can also help you with negotiations if they become necessary.

Be Smart With Your Debts

Be Smart With Your Debts

There are a lot of instances wherein debt is unavoidable. Of course you can always save up for it but if you want to buy a home, it will take years to completely save up for that! If you need a home now, simply get a loan so you can buy it and any rental expense that you used to make can be put aside for your monthly amortization.

But before to take on that much needed debt, there are several things that you have to consider – the most important of course, are the three factors that we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

So what are the other considerations that will allow you to take on debt the smart way?

Of course, the usual method is to check how much you can afford to add to your debt payments. But that is not only how you prepare for your debts smartly. You need to consider how you want to live your life beyond this debt. While you really have to base your loan on your current income and expenses, you have to look at your future as well. In a few years, your expenses will change as you make life changing decisions. This can affect your debt payments – or it can affect your future plans.

For instance, if you plan to marry in the next few years or switch careers, these will affect both your expense list and your income. Debt has the potential to rule how your future self will live. It can keep you from going after a career that will provide you with a more fulfilling experience because you have to prioritize the debt that you have to pay for. It will make you rethink having kids because once you do, one of you and your spouse should give up their career to care for the kids. How will you afford your debt payments then?

So if you have to take on debt, you need to make sure that it can provide you with the means to pay it off – like a business loan for instance. If the debt that you plan on getting is only to fund a vacation or a luxury car that you do not really need, then do not get it. This is how you think smartly about your debt.

And before you take on one, make sure you have a plan in place to pay it off. If you want to use your credit card for the reward points you want to accumulate, then make sure you pay off the balance on the next bill so you do not get interest and fees. If you cannot do that, then don’t incur credit card debt.

Ways to Make Money On the Internet

Ways to Make Money On the Internet

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is another way to ensure that you appear on the top of the results page. You have to choose and bid on keywords and depending on how much you bid, whenever someone searches for the keyword, your ad will appear on the side of the page in the Sponsored Results section. Selecting the right keyword is essential and you can use various tools, such as the Google Keyword Tool to help you in the selection.

Email Marketing

You can even market your product or services through email marketing. In this method, you build a list of contacts, or subscribers and you regularly send them emails with relevant information. You keep them updated through your mails and eventually, they might even buy your products or services. In this manner, you are always in contact with your potential clients and you use email to attract them to your services.

Affiliate Marketing

If you do not have any product to sell, you can help other people to sell their products or services. With affiliate marketing, you basically agree to advertise other people’s products on your website for a certain fee that varies. You might get paid a certain amount depending on the number of people who viewed the ad. You might even not be paid unless someone clicks on the ad and follows it to the product website. Sometimes, the person might have to buy the product for you to receive money.

Buy Advertising

Similar to affiliate marketing, you can even get advertisers to bid for your website in order to place their ads. Using Google AdSense, you can specify the kind of ads you want to display on your website. Advertisers registered with Google AdSense will then bid for your space in a real-time auction and the highest paying advertiser will be displayed on your website. You can then earn money by marketing their ads on your website.