High Price of Failure

High Price of Failure

People who haven’t failed yet tend to be over-confident – It is amazing how cocky someone who has never tasted the sting of failure come across as the proverbial know it all. When you have never fallen it is easy to believe you never will. Yet for those who know failure falling is not a strange occurrence.

Failure is never final- many times after we fall down we feel like we can never get back up again. Yet the truly successful of our time have all failed at something in their lives. In order to be great you must take great chances on yourself. Many times we fall short. That does not mean we should never get back up again.

Failure is what you have done, not who you are- failure is an action. It is not final and it is not who we are. We are destined to do great things and in order to do that we need to see our actions as things we do but not who we are. You can do dumb things but that doesn’t make you a dummy.

Failure does not have to be fatal – the worst mistake to make is the one that is fatal and cost you something you cannot get back. You drive your car and misjudge a curb so you go over the edge and hit the rocks. You failed to make the curb at a controllable speed and you died. That mistake won’t allow you to go back and fix it. Some mistakes are one time mistakes. We can’t afford to make them.

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